What we offer...

With the rapidly growing interest in technology, wireless communications and Internet connectivity, companies  are competing intensively to capture market share by offering their customers access to applications that take advantage of these and many other new technologies. Companies have many challenges as they seek opportunities. The toughest challenge is providing the promised services and achieving customer satisfaction while managing cost and resources efficiently.
FAVEM Group pride itself in providing Engineering services and solutions to optimize and measure the success of such efforts to these challenges. Our solutions implemented in many of the largest companies in the US and overseas were proven to deliver higher network profitability and higher customer satisfaction.

Why FAVEM...

•  Market Knowledge
•  Customer Focus

•  Data Integrity

•  Rapid Adoption of New Technology and Practices

•  On Time Product and Service Delivery with the Highest Quality

•  25+ Years of Engineering and Management Expertise in Full Turnkey RF Engineering Services

•  Innovative and Cost Effective End to End Full Turn-key 3G/4G Voice and Data Network Solutions